Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines:

1. All submissions should be accompanied by the following information on a separate page at the beginning of the text:

Name(s), Institutional affiliation(s), email(s) and surface mail addresses and fax no.(s) of the person(s) submitting.

Title of the text.

An abstract of around 100 words and 5-7 key words.

A short paragraph (20-30 words) about the contributor(s), giving the kind of information that editors and readers may wish to know (some bio-bibliographical data).

2. Texts, written in Romanian or in any other language of international circulation (such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian), should be accompanied by an abstract in English and – for the texts in Romanian – by an abstract in Romanian language too.

The abstract should include the research hypothesis, the reasoning chosen to prove the hypothesis and the conclusions of the research.

3. Word length

Articles and bibliographic essays should be between 8.000 – 20.000 characters (with spaces) in length (i.e. maximum 3.000 words).

If in doubt, consult the editors of your issue.

4. Submission Procedures

Send your texts as email attachment as a “rich text format” (RTF) file. Include in the email message a statement of which system (Windows 95 / 98 / XP/ Vista/ Seven) and program has been used (Word 95 / 98 / 2003/ 2007). If you are submitting in some other format than text, write to the editors, as above, first.

Texts should be written using Times New Roman, 12 points, double-spaced. For Page Setup use: 2,5 cm Top – Bottom and 2,5 Left – Right.

Images should be sent as separate files as either GIF or JPG. Do not embed images into word documents. Try to keep file sizes to a minimum to speed download.

5. Editing norms:

Authors are requested to use the present days orthographic norms as stipulated by DOOM-2 (whether they agree with them or not).

Please Note: Articles not conforming to the style guide of “CAIETE CRITICE” may not be considered. It is also the case that, although the editors of “CAIETE CRITICE” will often work to edit manuscripts, we are not always able to publish articles that require extensive editing in order to conform to the standards of the journal.


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