Editorial board

Mihai CIMPOI (Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova)

Jaques De DECKER (Secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature, Belgium)

Serge FAUCHEREAU (Literary critic, France)

Jaime GIL ALUJA (President of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance, Barcelona, Spain)

Klaus HEITMANN (Professor at the University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Radivoje KONSTANTINOVIC (Professor at the University of Belgrad, Serbia)

Evanghelos MOUTSOPOULOS (Member of the Academy of Athens)

Michael METZELTIN (Professor at the University of Vienna, member of the Academy of Science of Austria)

Thierry de MONTBRIAL (Member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of France)

Virgil TĂNASE (Writer, Paris, France)

Basarab NICOLESCU (Researcher at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique of Paris, France)

Dumitru ŢEPENEAG (Writer).

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