About the journal

 About the journal

“CAIETE CRITICE” (“Critical Papers”; ISSN 1220-6350 and ISSN on-line 2285-5041) is a double blind peer-reviewed international journal for literature and arts that is published monthly by the National Foundation for Science and Art (FUNDAŢIA NAŢIONALĂ PENTRU ŞTIINŢĂ ŞI ARTĂ) in association with the Interdisciplinary Group for Reflection (Grupul interdisciplinar de reflecţie) and the Expert Publishing House (Editura Expert).

“CAIETE CRITICE” is a journal edited under the aegis of ROMANIAN ACADEMY.

Focus and Scope

“CAIETE CRITICE” is dedicated to increasing the depth of the research in literature and arts with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the subject. Another objective is promoting multiple approaches to literary texts, being they old or contemporary ones.

The main domains covered by “CAIETE CRITICE” are: literary criticism and history. An important place in the economy of the journal is given to reviewing and analyzing the newest and most important books issued by the publishing houses in the country. But the main interest remains the study of the past (polemics, problems regarding the literary press, the relationship between literature and the communist ideology, the activity of some writers less studied, and cultural studies).

The permanent headings of “CAIETE CRITICE” are the following: “Literary chronicles”, “Comments”, “Dialog”, “On-line”, “Art and performances”. Conforming to the interdisciplinary requirements of research, “CAIETE CRITICE” has also included the headings: “Science and Philosophy” and, since 2004, “Culture and economy”.


One key request of researchers across the world is unrestricted access to research publications. Open access gives a worldwide audience larger than that of any subscription-based journal and thus increases the visibility and impact of published works. It also enhances indexing, retrieval power and eliminates the need for permissions to reproduce and distribute content. “Caiete critice” is fully committed to the Open Access Initiative and will provide free access to all articles as soon as they are published.

History of the journal

“CAIETE CRITICE” was founded in 1979, as a supplement of the monthly magazine entitled “Viaţa Românească” (“Romanian Life”), and it became independent in 1983. In 1988, the communist censorship stopped the apparition of the journal because of an issue dedicated to Mircea Eliade. “CAIETE CRITICE” started to re-appear in 1990 and since then it had an uninterrupted life under the direction of the Academician and Professor Eugen Simion.


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